At Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic, we feel it is important that patients get the care they need. Our office is OPEN and operating under the guidelines set by the CDC. We are taking all the necessary precautions to keep our patients and employees safe. Please call our office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.
Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic |8050 Rowan Rd 400Cranberry TownshipPA16066 | (724) 772-7060
Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic
8050 Rowan Rd 400
Cranberry TownshipPA 16066
 (724) 772-7060
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(724) 772-7060
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item imageWhiplash & ConcussionAccidents and injuries can tear loose the connective tissue that holds the spine together. These injuries leave behind a weakness that can lead to not only chronic pain, but poor brain health as well.
item imagePregnancy & PediatricsA healthy spine is critical to the development of a child. Our clinic is proud to see expecting mothers as well as new born infants, toddlers, and young children.
item imageNeurological DisordersMany patients with balance disorders, chronic pain syndromes, and even chronic diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s Disease have found benefit through upper cervical care.
item imageNeck & Back PainA misaligned spine is often the root cause to chronic neck and back pain. The Revive UCC clinic is trained to determine the cause of the spinal misalignment and help patients to hold their adjustments for week and even months at a time.

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The saying "pain in the neck" is more than an idiom; it is an actual problem that causes extreme discomfort for many individuals. Since neck pain is a reality for many, it is essential for there to be providers who specialize in treating it. Dr. Ian Bulow at Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic has a unique specialty in treating the upper cervical portion of your body, where the spine meets the head. The Blair Method uses special equipment to pinpoint the issue and with no popping, cracking, or twisting of the neck, he will have you feeling like yourself again. When we restore and realign the upper spine, we can help you live without pain and can help treat other debilitating conditions like vertigo or migraines. If you're ready to enjoy life pain-free, call us today!


Revive Your Health

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When people hear the term "chiropractor," it is easy to think of lower back pain. However, upper cervical chiropractic care is used to treat many other conditions. From whiplash and concussions to neurological disorders like MS or Parkinson's Disease, chiropractic care can help you. Are you ready to improve your quality of life? 

Dr. Ian Bulow Offers

Balance and Posture Assessments, Infrared Thermography, Precision X-Ray Imaging, The Upper Cervical Procedure


Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic is at 8050 Rowan Rd in Cranberry Township, PA. Call (724) 772-7060 to get in touch. No walk-ins please!


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